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What Is Power System Analysis?

Power system analysis in its shortest definition, electricity generation, transmission and distribution network systems are simulated through various programs and analyzed according to different scenarios.

A power system analysis study contains multiple analysis studies. The goal of every operation is to have a safe, efficient and reliable power system for your plant under both normal and abnormal conditions.

In order to perform Power Systems Analysis work, design engineers and power systems engineers are required, who must have a deep knowledge of power systems.

We already know that reliable and safe power systems are critical to our successful transmission network system. A well-designed power system provides powerful performance and maximizes the plant’s efficiency in all operating conditions, including temporary conditions such as engine start-up voltage, active-reactive loads, and generator instantaneous power generation loss.

If we do not properly design and test our facility, we may observe bad effects on our line, such as outages, failures, poor power quality and Arc glare, which can lead to significant financial losses or worse, personnel injuries.