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We successfully carry out the mechanical, electrical and automation processes of the diesel-gas and cogeneration systems all around the world.

We offer turnkey solutions in terms of design and application of electrical wiring, electrical panels, and water, steam and boiler circuits. We aim to provide more compact, container based turnkey solutions that reduce the service costs and safety issues whilst increasing the quality of operating conditions.


Since seismic vibration isolators are applied to the vibration damper of the load, the metal-based single, double or triple spring versions can be varied.
Due to the seismic factor of the project location and weight of generators, mechanical equipment such as motor driven compressors, motors and motor pumps, these vibration dampers, were carefully designed and selected.
Vibration isolators used between the surface and equipment reduce the amplitude of the vibration to the frame of mechanical equipment up to 97.3%.

Acrefine ASI-T1 and T2 ASI-type seismic vibration isolators are designed to prevent the lateral and vertical equipment movement caused by external forces such as winds aloft or seismic events. The insulator body is made of high-quality welded steel, which has restraining points to limit the movement of equipment vertically and horizontally.

The operational height of the isolator is fixed and height adjustment can be made with the help of adjuster nut, which is located on the top plate. The fixing holes are located on top of the plate, enabling easy installation of the equipment.

Vibration isolation is provided by steel springs that have legs. All of the springs are mounted in elastomeric acoustic containers to eliminate internal noise. The springs are designed to carry out fifty percent overload capacity. The lateral spring stiffness is greater than the vertical stiffness in order to ensure seismic stability.


Depending on the fuel consumption and the capacity of diesel generators, we produce daily tanks and main fuel tanks used in diesel generator applications.
At the end of manufacturing, we do leakage control for all fuel tanks by using liquid and air.

We also provide solutions for automatic filling systems between the main fuel tank and the daily fuel tank.

You can review the versions of the fuel tanks suitable for various special applications below.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks



As NPOWER, we make installations of fuel automation systems, which provide automatic fuel refilling of diesel generators in between the main tank and daily tank based on the projects.

Thanks to the scada system
(4-20 mA, 0-10 V) we provide to our
customers, we enable monitoring of fuel levels.

We install MSG (Magnetic Level Indicator) or CSS (Multi-contact level switch) in the fuel tanks when the fuel is required to be monitored.